From the Desk of the

National President

October 15, 2018

Greetings ‘Degans:

Hopefully, you and your family are well and looking forward to celebrating Founder’s Day, on campus, November 1-3, 2018. During the celebration, the Talladega College Alumni Association (TCNAA) will hold its annual fall meeting, Friday, November 2, 2018 from 9:00am to 4:00pm. The status of our Legacy Fundraiser will be one of the principal topics of the meeting. In the last Eblast, updating you on Legacy Fund donations as of November 3, 2018, I called to the readers’ attention that we, at that point, had raised $26, 457.97. This amount, while we are certainly grateful to receive, is far from our goal of $150,000.00 by the end of the year. Further, I asked readers to consider the following as we seek to increase donations:

  1. Talladega College alumni chapters contact each member and non-member in your area   and request a donation to the Legacy Campaign.
  2. Contact all Talladegans that you know, whose names are not on the donor list, especially your classmates, and ask for a donation.
  3. If you have donated to the campaign, seriously consider increasing your donation amount.

I actually had a fourth consideration, but did not forward it to our webmaster in time for publication in the Eblast message. So here is my fourth consideration: (4) Do not limit your solicitation to just graduates and former students of Talladega College. I have had reasonable solicitation success from non-Talladegans. Actually, I have been somewhat surprised, especially, from friends who did not attend Talladega College or an HBCU institution. In all cases, they said “Yes!’ to my request and either made a contribution immediately or promised to make a contribution.

I have received several emails inquiring about TCNAA’s Legacy Campaign’s categories of “Champions of The Legacy” and “Builders of The Legacy.” The Champions designation is for donors who made a contribution of $500 00 or more, while the Builders designation is for donors who contributed less than $500.00. Please remember, donors can give as often and as much as they like.

In closing, we looked at our College’s glorious 0ne hundred and fifty-years existence, along with its outstanding graduates, and premised our $150,00.00 fundraising goal on the belief that surely, at least, 1500 of Talladega College graduates and former students will each pay at least $100.00 or more to support the Legacy Fundraising Campaign. However, imagine, if one hundred and twenty-four devoted ‘Degans donated an additional $1,000, our goal of $150,000 would be met. I will start by donating an additional $1,000 in December in memory of my classmates, Ulysses Ford and Jesse Henderson. Will you join me? Remember, all contributions are tax deductible. We can do this!!    

Eugene L. Cain, EdD