From the Desk of the

National President


First, I would like to again thank members of TCNAA for electing me President. Much of my time during my “maiden voyage” has focused on listening to association members and non-members share their thoughts and ideas about growing the organization and increasing alumni giving to Talladega College. I quickly learned from my many discussions, emails, and telephone conversations, that there is certainly no shortage of ideas among the College’s graduates, former students, current students, and HBCU supporters, about what needs to be done to increase TCNAA’s membership and alumni giving.
What seemed to be missing in many of the conversations, however, was how the myriad of ideas we have come to espouse are actualized, and whether TCNAA, as presently structured, has the capacity to create and sustain most of the suggested recommendations. I even fell into this quandary when I put together what I thought was a great proposal for raising a million dollars over a three-year period. I presented it to the executive committee but withdrew it after looking at all the realities that needed to be in place for it to be successful. First, it required a hand-in- glove relationship with the vice president for institutional advancement (not on board at the time of proposing the strategy), seed money for mailing, advertising, and new website redevelopment (funding not available in current budget), and an up -to -date mailing list of all Talladegans.

While many of our thoughts and suggestions may go unrealized, I truly believe, through my many conversations and interactions with people who want the best for Talladega College, that we have the collective talent among our graduates, former students and friends of the College to fulfill them. However, to do so, we must abandon old ways of doing things that have proven unsuccessful; sustain and nurture those ideas and practices that have been successful; and seek new paths that have the potential to become short and long-term successes.

2017-2018 Highlights

  • Attended 2017 Triennial
  • Presented Triennial Gift to The College on Behalf of TCNAA
  • Had Two Conference Calls with Chapter Leaders
  • Attended Chapter Meetings in Birmingham And Tampa
  • Attended TC’s Fall & Spring Convocations
  • Provided Support & Advice for Restart of Chicago Chapter
  • Hosted Meeting with President Hawkins And Detroit Alumni Club
  • Serves ON Three Trustee Board Committees
  • Assisted TC Recruiter at Three Lansing, Michigan High Schools
  • Assisted TC Recruiter at Southfield, MI. Links’ College Fair
  • Launched Legacy Recruitment Campaign


2018 Focus

  • A Successful Legacy Fundraising Campaign
  • Completion and Implementation of Strategic Plan
  • Revision of TCNAA Website
  • Major Membership Drive in Concert with VP for Institutional ADV.
  • Pursue Grant Funding for TCNAA